Found this little book I made while working a day care job that I was miserable in.

Rest assured, I was only trying to keep myself amused during craft time and didn’t read this to any actual children.

Once upon a time there were three little pigs.

They built some houses.

There was also a wolf.

He was not very nice.

But it wasn’t a big deal.

He got it in the end.

The first pig worked at Whole Foods.

It was less than satisfying.

The second pig worked in a calling center.

He wrote bad free verse about his cubicle.

The third little pig was toiling away in middle management, struggling to pay his mortgage, and wondering when his freeloading brothers were going to move out and build new houses.

He secretly wished the wolf had been faster.


I want to write something about everything I read/watch, but sometimes I don’t want to put in all that much effort. Thus, I give you, Haiku Reviews


the weight of chaos

of responsibility

with no redepmtion

Note: I feel obligated to point you in the direction of some actual in depth writing on this one, and I will by including this link to Jim Emerson’s Piece, The Three Faces of Margaret.

It is what I read that made me seek out the film, and I urge you to do so as well. ┬áIt’s a beautiful film. I’m planning on buying the extended cut.